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Striving for Excellence in Driver-Ed

Why Us:                                                                                 It is always best to start the correct way!

There are an umpteen number of driving schools out there, providing different levels of quality of education, and one can choose from any of them, if all one wants is a piece of paper. To really care about your new driver's safety and habits is another thing. It takes caring and nurturing to produce a driver who is concerned about the rules of the road, about their own safety and the safety of others. To be a model driver and citizen who would be a productive member of the society, and contribute in a positive way through their driving habits. Once inculcated, bad habits are not easy to get rid of, and takes a drastic incidence to even realize one has them. It is always best to start the correct way. We at Excalibur understand this and instill this in our candidate drivers, through our MTO approved curriculum developed by experts in the field of Driver Education.

We are a family owned driving school and, through our motto and our carefully adapted lesson plans, we make it evident that we care that our customers benefit from the money they spend with us, not only when they are our active students but also continue to reap the benefits through lifelong safe driving habits and adherence to the rules of the road. To ensure this we provide one on one, one hour long in-car lessons, no less, taking care of your teenager, or yourself, if you are an adult driver, our in-class sessions provide the thought and reasoning behind such habits and rules, which builds skill and character as a driver, and enables one to succeed on the road as a car driver.

A driving school catering to the growing town of Milton, Ontario. We strive to provide high quality in driver-ed as reflected in our motto.

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