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Striving for Excellence in Driver-Ed

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At Excalibur we care about the driving habits of all drivers. We believe driver education makes a big difference in how a person will be successful in different aspects of driving. That is why we offer courses to suite the needs of different drivers.


Providing you with the learning experiences that help you thrive is what our business is all about. We believe how one drives gets reflected on the lives they live. It is especially true if we look at how insurance works. Bad drivers get punished by higher insurance premiums and produce an unnecessary raise in expenses which can become frustrating, especially if that raise persists. With the right education, you or your teenager can understand the rules of the road, why and how to follow them and how following these rules can save them time, effort, money and lives. It is not just about having the skill, it is not just about having the right education, and it is not just about having the right attitude, it is about having a combination of all three. We at Excalibur understand this and ensure that our lessons instill this in our students.

We have courses and plans to suite people from all walks of life. Please feel free to browse through the website to find all selections.


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